About us

COMBAT WIPES by Outdoor Hygiene a veteran-owned company develops and produces 100% biodegradable, earth-friendly products  that ensure your hygiene while experiencing the outdoors.

Created by a team with 15 years in hi-tech textiles, Combat Wipes protect the environment and your skin simultaneously.


We focus on uniquely textured cloths in a variety of sizes and specs, and lotions, that will refresh chafed, tired or sweaty skin and will then disappear back into the earth.


Our aim is to pack our products in the most convenient-to use packs in order to avoid using more than you actually

need, saving you time, money and waste.


If you are travelling, backpacking, hiking, camping, cycling, hunting, fishing, farming, horseback riding, rock climbing, golfing, canoeing, exercising in general, firefighting, mining, oil pumping, soldiers, having fun at the festivals, or just

laying-back in your back yard, these are the products for you!


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