100% Bio-Degradable Outdoor Disposable Towels 

3ct per pack

About the product:

IDEAL FOR OUTDOORS- a disposable towel designed for anyone who is showering outdoors or needs to clean off wet mud, and more.

UNIQUE CLOTH DESIGN – very large body-sized (48x31.5”, 120X80cm), very thick and textured cloth for best feeling and absorbency effect.

RE-USABLE ZIPPER BAG – can be used as a laundry or dry garbage bag.

NO HARM DONE- earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Product description:

COMBAT WIPES™ DRY OUT are essential for ANYONE experiencing the outdoors who needs to dry off after a natural shower in a waterfall, lake or river, or after using an outdoor shower. COMBAT WIPES™ DRY OUT allow you to wipe off the mud and dirt from your body, helping you stay clean, fresh, and environmentally conscious.


Going outdoors? Make sure to take your COMBAT WIPES™ DRY OUT.

Just insert our slick pack into your backpack pocket and easily pull a SINGLE wipe to freshen up and dry off . Don’t forget to bury in soil after use, and the wipe will go back to nature within 4-6 months!

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