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10 Essential Items Every Man Should Have in his Home

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Let’s face it, whether you’re living in a bachelor pad or a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, there are certain things that a man just shouldn’t go without in his home. A man’s home should be a place where he can relax, unwind, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. If you prefer the company of your best buds, a significant other, or just you yourself and you, make sure you have these 10 essential items that NO man should go without having in his home:

1. Tool box (including power drill)

You never know when your masculine “Mr. Fix it” instinct will kick in and you’ll have a shelf to install, a toilet lid to screw on, or a full-on Ikea living room set to assemble. Don’t be caught unprepared when duty calls, and make sure your house is equipped with one of these crucial kits. You won’t be sorry, and hey, you might even surprise yourself with some new handcrafted patio furniture in the process

2. A Fully-stocked bar

Poker night ran later than you expected? Save yourself the trouble of going on a wild goose chase trying to buy alcohol afterhours by ensuring that your house is already well equipped with some liquid essentials. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than having to go on an unexpected liquor run at an inopportune moment. To avoid these inconveniences, make sure you have some backup bottles (along with a functioning bottle opener and some glasses of course).

3. Cast Iron Skillet

Trying to impress a special someone with your culinary skills? Or maybe just trying to feed yourself as efficiently as possible? It doesn’t matter how refined your cooking abilities are, this kitchen utensil is useful for chefs of all levels. If scrambled eggs are your go-to, get crackin’ with some eggs

and in minutes your meal will be served. Don’t feel like going outside to grill? Throw some t-bones on that bad boy and let the skillet do the work.


Of course, getting out of the house and into nature is also an important part of living a balanced life. Out camping with the boys and need to wash up? Reach for your COMBAT WIPES! These wipes are perfect for all cleaning needs in nature and are 100%

biodegradable. With 4 different varieties, there is a wipe for everyone.

5. Fishing Rod

Fishing is a great activity spend some quality time with yourself clearing your head, or to catch up with your best buds. Take a break from your routine to go on an outing to your nearest lake and you’re guaranteed to come back a new man. If you’re lucky, you’ll even have a few fish to throw on the grill afterward to accompany a nice cold beer.

6. A pair of ridiculously worn-in sweatpants for lounging

Is there a South Park marathon on Comedy Central and “one more episode” turned into a full day event? Just installed your new HD plasma screen and can’t seem to pull yourself away from it? Who wants to sit through 4 hours of Monday Night Football wearing anything but their favorite pair of lounge pants? Even if they are almost torn to shreds from having gone through the wash so many times, these pants are ESSENTIAL to have in the home for days when you just don’t give a damn.

7. Armchair perfectly molded to your body to accompany ridiculously warn in sweatpants

Enough said.

8. Speakers

There are several occasions when these can come in handy: trying to set the mood for a romantic evening at your place, blasting embarrassing 80’s music as you clean up from boys’ night the night before, or maybe just relaxing with some soothing ambience in the background. A good speaker has many uses and should not be overlooked as one of the home essentials.

9. Coffee Maker

For that extra boost of energy when you really need it, get yourself a quality coffee maker to have on deck. A good cup of java is the perfect pick-me-up after a long night out, or simply a great way to get your day started right.

10. Passport

Last but not least, have an up-to-date passport at home. We know you love your home, especially once you’ve managed to update your essentials list. That being said, it is still important to get out and see the world. Boys trip, couples trip, solo adventure, doesn’t matter. Keep your passport handy for when a long-weekend springs up and there’s a last-minute flight deal to Cancun that is just too tempting to pass up.

Trust us, you won’t be sorry once you’ve managed to equip your house with these 10 essentials.

Once you’ve checked off our list, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your home.

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