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5 Reasons You Must Visit Boulder Colorado

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

If a city surrounded by beautiful nature, urban life, and youthful college energy sounds enticing to you, then Boulder, Colorado should be your next stop! Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains just 30 miles outside of Denver, residents and visitors alike can confirm that Boulder is truly a special city.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Boulder should be your next destination:

1. Nature

In Boulder, one need not go far to be in nature thanks to the Flatirons! This craggly rock formation that lays to the west of the city is the perfect spot for a small day hike or a cup of coffee with a view! If the weather permits, you can take a bike ride through the Flatirons and enjoy the beautiful Colorado sunshine!

2. Downtown Pearl Street

This pedestrian walkway lined with clothing boutiques, artisan coffee shops and souvenir stores is the ideal place to stroll around or spend an afternoon with friends. If you are looking to purchase some outdoor gear or sit and do some work from a hip coffee shop, Pearl Street is your prime destination.

3. School Spirit

Thanks to the University of Colorado, Boulder campus, the city is bustling with youthful energy, and the streets are full of fans proudly sporting black and gold sporting gear to pay tribute their beloved Buffaloes. If you happen make it to Boulder on a game day, make sure you stop at a local pub to watch the festivities with a cold brew.

4. Quality Lifestyle

Given the unquestionably active and wholesome lifestyle that Boulder boasts, it’s no wonder that the city is often highly ranked in surveys of quality of life, culture, health, and education. The fresh mountain air combined with the plethora of accessible outdoor activities give Boulder a rep for being a health-conscious and environmentally sound city.

5. Activities, activities, activities!

On the outskirts of Boulder lay over 60 acres of open land, including nature preserves. Hiking, biking, walking, and rock climbing are all common activities amongst Boulder residents, and the beautiful mountain terrain makes it the perfect place to do so. Eldorado springs in southern Boulder is home to a popular rock combing community, and climbing sites can be accessed from within the city itself, as well as on the outskirts.

If you are planning to have an adventure in nature while visiting Boulder, don’t forget to pack your COMBAT WIPES. Being outside can get dirty at times, which is why we developed a special formula in our wipes that allows you to dispose of them in nature without harming the environment! Just bury your wipe after use and within 3 months it will return to nature through disintegration.

Have fun and stay fresh!

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