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An Adirondack Gem: Why Lake Placid Should be your Next Nature Getaway!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Fresh mountain air, beautiful hiking trails, crystal lakes, and a charming downtown make up the magical atmosphere of Lake Placid, New York. Located in the heart of the beautiful Adirondack mountains, Lake Placid is the perfect destination for year-round family fun. The town hosted the 1935 and 1980 winter Olympic games, making it a unique site rich with history. Today, visitors can grab a glimpse into the past games by visiting the full-size Olympic ski jump, impressive skating ring, and exhilarating bobsled slide that still remain intact and are even used today for training athletes!

Nature lovers who come to Lake Placid can enjoy year-round outdoor activities, both in the water and on land. Lake Placid itself lives up to its’ name as a serene and peaceful solace, as well as Mirror Lake (a smaller lake situated within the town of Lake Placid). The reflective waters of the lakes make it easy to fill up a day with boating, kayaking or canoeing. For those who prefer to stay inland, hiking, walking, and biking are popular warm weather activities that can be enjoyed on the many beautiful trails in and around Lake Placid. In the winter, winter sports enthusiasts come from all over to shred the slopes of Whiteface Mountain, located 20 minutes by car outside of downtown Lake Placid.

Lake Placid itself, engulfed by the Adirondacks and stretching just over two acres, is inhabited by residents in over 300 homes. Many of these homes are only accessible by boat, offering residents a quiet recluse from day-to-day life, and visitors the opportunity to tour some of the spectacular lakeside houses. The Lake Placid Lodge, a beautiful Adirondack-style building located on the lakeshore, is a popular destination for couples to get married against the backdrop of the upstate mountains and for tourists come to stay in upscale and rustic lodging.

Exploring the downtown is one of the most appealing aspects of Lake Placid. Main street is lined with gift shops, outdoor clothing stores, and local restaurants and pubs that offer everything from deli sandwiches to farm-to-table cuisine. Dining on the shores of Mirror Lake is highly recommended, and many restaurants have outdoor patios perfect for sunset dining or sipping on cold, locally-brewed Adirondack beer.

Many visitors come to Lake Placid to experience the natural beauty that this Adirondack gem has to offer. It is not uncommon to see adventurers wandering from the trails to the slopes to the shores all geared up and dressed for the outdoors. To accommodate outdoor travelers in Lake Placid, we at COMBAT WIPES have developed a unique formula that allows you to dispose of our refreshing wet wipes in nature without harming the environment! We make your outdoor experience fresh and convenient with our pocket-sized, easy-to carry wipes that come in four varieties! Check out our website for more details:

It is easy to fall in love with the splendor of Lake Placid. Most who have visited are already awaiting their next arrival. The destination offers the perfect blend of nature, culture, activities, and rest. While you’re gearing up for your next visit, don’t forget to throw your COMBAT WIPES in your pack!

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