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Camping and COVID

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Enjoying the outdoors during COVID-19

This year has not been an easy one for travel enthusiasts. Cancelled flights, social distancing, travel restrictions have all left us with that pesky travel bug that not only does not disappear, but seems to get stronger in spite of recent limitations. If you, like many, have had your travel plans disrupted due to COVID-19, don’t worry, all hope is not gone. We’re here to tell you that having an amazing adventure is not just something that you can see on your favorite travel blogger’s Instagram feed. You too can enjoy travel in a safe and fun way, pandemic and all.

No flying? No problem.

For starters, the pandemic has opened the eyes of many to the natural beauty that exists within driving distance of where they live. Air travel is by no means a requirement for an awesome adventure, and road tripping is definitely hot right now. Depending how much time and tolerance you have, you can decide the length of your road trip and how far you’re willing to go. Just make sure you have the right company and of course, the right tunes. If you are traveling in the same car as people that do not live in your household, it’s a good idea to get a COVID-19 test beforehand to maintain safety and health guidelines.

National Park and Campsite Entrance.

Although operating on restricted schedules and limited entrance, most National Parks are still open during the pandemic. There is no better way to socially distance than to be in a vast open space in nature where you can stay well over 6 feet apart from the nearest group. It’s recommended (and in some cases required) that you make a reservation ahead of time for certain campgrounds, as winging it is not always an option. is a great online resource for planning your next trip. Many group campsites are closed for obvious reasons, but you can still have a nice getaway with your immediate family and create some unforgettable bonding.

Staying clean and stopping the spread of germs.

Stopping the spread of germs should be the number one priority for all travelers, especially during a pandemic!Now, more than ever is the time to take care of your hygiene so that you can stay healthy and strong for more trips to come.Combat wipes are not only the perfect way to stay clean and fresh, but they are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.The pandemic is stressful enough, so we want to eliminate any extra stress you might encounter.You can dispose of Combat Wipes safely and with a clean-conscious.Stay safe and stay clean!

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