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Camping with kids

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


Ready for some good old family bonding in the great outdoors? Going camping has no age restrictions, and is a fun and affordable way for you and your kids to experience an adventure together. It may sound daunting to prepare for an overnight trip outside of your normal routine, but if you follow this simple checklist, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

1. Foldable tent

New compact and lightweight technology makes it easy to find affordable accommodations for your outdoor trip. You want to make sure the tent is breathable yet sturdy, and has easy access in and out. It is even possible now to buy a tent with two separate compartments that can house both you and your partner, and your kids in separate spaces!

2. Sleeping bag

Making sure your kids get some quality rest is a definite must, so don’t skimp out on the sleeping bag. A comfortable and warm sleeping bag that is compact will help your family feel more at home outside of your home, and give you and your little ones the much-needed sleep you deserve.

3. Outdoor toys

Too much idle time can lead to boredom and whining, and who wants that when you’re trying to enjoy your time off? Keeping the kids entertained while you relax and socialize is crucial. There are plenty of fun activities to bring along that do not take up a lot of space in the car such as Frisbees, a kite, a ball, or a jump rope. This will give your kids some distance from their electronic devices, and you some much needed rest.


Having kids can be messy, especially in the outdoors. Going through an entire package of baby wipes in a day can be a reality for some families, which helps with hygiene but harms the environment. COMBAT WIPES have the perfect solution, as the wipes are 100 percent biodegradable and safe for the environment. Even if you need to clean up constantly, you can rest assured that you are not damaging our beautiful earth.

5. Gear for all weather

Don’t be caught unprepared for an unexpected twist in the weather forecast. Always makes sure to come guarded with rain gear, multiple pairs of clean socks, swimwear, a hat, and sturdy shoes. These basic essentials should get you through it all, rain or shine.

6. Outdoor mat

For when it’s time to rest but they still want to be outside, having a nice mat to sit and lay on can be a great way to promote some quiet time while camping. A waterproof mat that folds up comfortably can also be used for some family fun such as picnics, games, or gazing at the stars together.

7. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! (And a cooler to store them all)

Empty bellies can lead to difficult scenarios. Don’t skimp out on the snacks to ensure that everybody is well fed and satisfied. Fruits that do not perish quickly such as apples or watermelon are perfect to throw in your family-sized cooler, and they don’t leave much waste afterward. What’s a camping trip without s’mores? With 3 simple ingredients of marshmellows, chocolate bars and graham crackers, you can be confident that everybody will be happy.

8. A First Aid Kit

In case of bites, scrapes, or headaches, having a first aid kit handy is a responsible way to travel. Make sure your kit is replenished and has plenty of supplies for all family members.

9. Lighting

For those who might be scared of the dark, having portable lighting can put their minds at ease. Camping lanterns come in all sizes and types (including headlights), and are usually battery operated. Make sure to bring extra batteries to replenish if needed.

10. Trash bags

Having kids can mean having lots of trash. Enjoying the outdoors is wonderful, destroying the outdoors is not. To prevent litter and harmful impact on the environment, make sure you bring large trash bags that you take with you when you leave. Many campsites have areas to throw your trash but some do not so research this topic as soon as you settle on your destination to ensure an eco-friendly and enjoyable experience.

These family memories will last a lifetime, and being prepared will make them as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. So pack up, and don’t forget to enjoy!

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