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Essentials for your outdoor next trip

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

So, you’ve planned your next adventure in nature? Wonderful! Getting out of your routine and into the great outdoors is a fabulous way to refresh and press the reset button so that life doesn’t get you down. Mentally, you’re all ready to go, imagining yourself rejuvenating in picturesque and serene natural landscape. But have you remembered to pack the essentials? Nothing sounds like more of a damper on your trip than arriving at your destination and realizing that you forgot your bug spray and being the victim of a midnight mosquito raid!

If your trip includes an overnight stay, it is important to bring along a sturdy tent that is spacious enough to fit the number of people you are traveling with, as well as your bags and equipment. Sleeping mats are also recommended to provide better comfort during your rest. If you plan to do a day hike, make sure you have a lightweight backpack that can comfortably hold a water bottle, sunblock, bug spray, and some snacks for the trail. Don’t forget your hat, and of course, comfortable walking shoes and socks (preferably those that absorb moisture so that your feet stay dry!)

In addition to these main essentials, here is a list of some things you may have forgotten to throw in your bag that you’ll be happy you remembered to pack later on!


Let’s face it, being in the outdoors is not always the cleanest experience! Luckily, COMBAT WIPES can take care of all your sanitary needs in nature when access to running water and a fresh shower is not an option. Available in four varieties including camouflage wipes, female hygiene wipes, and dry body-size towels, there is a wipe for every occasion on your trip! The best part about COMBAT WIPES is that you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment as they are 100% biodegradable and disintegrate back into the earth within 3 months of disposal! How refreshing!

2. Portable charger

Ideally, we would all love to disconnect from technology and immerse ourselves in nature, but realistically it is not always possible. Whether you are using your phone for navigation, in case of emergencies, or you want to snap some pictures with your phone camera, you will need to charge up at some point. It is a good idea to keep a portable charger handy for times when electricity is not available.

3. Portable light

Nobody likes being in the dark and stubbing their toe on a rock or a branch. In order to make your outdoor nights more comfortable, it is advised to bring an adequate portable light such as a flashlight, lantern, or headlight. These can be purchased at any outdoor sporting goods stores, and depending on the size can be very affordable. If your lantern is battery-operated, don’t forget to bring along batteries that fit to your specific requirements.

4. First aid kit

Don’t be caught unprepared! Burns, scrapes, cuts, and scratches are all part of the outdoor experience. Make sure you have a solid first aid kit to tackle any unexpected minor injuries. These kits can be purchased at any drug store, camping store, or even gas station. The more compact the better, that way you can throw it in your backpack and bring it along for the journey.

Whether you use it for cooking, cutting rope, or unscrewing a bottle of wine, a simple pocket knife is a perfect solution to many of your camping needs. Pocket knives are lightweight, compact, and hardly take up any space in your bag! Just make sure you store your knife safely after use to avoid any accidents.

Now that you’re all set and ready to go, don’t forget to enjoy!

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