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Feminine Hygiene in the Outdoors

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Maintaining your feminine hygiene in the outdoors can be a real challenge, even for the most bad-ass outdoor adventuress. Getting dirty, sweaty, and rugged can be the most fun part of being in nature, but this can also create some not-so-fun situations for women if they are not careful to take care of their cleanliness. For this reason, we have compiled a list for women on how to best make sure that a little dirt does not get in the way of their enjoyment in the outdoors.


If you will not have access to a stream or a freshwater pond to wash your panties, make sure to being enough clean underwear to last you for your entire trip (with one or two spares just in case). Underwear does not take up much room in your pack, and it is definitely not something to skimp on. The more your lady parts are exposed to dirty underwear, the more bacteria develops, which can lead to some pretty nasty and unwanted situations. Don’t skimp out on the amount of underwear you bring to ensure a clean, dry, area for your most sensitive parts.


Not only is this option completely environmentally safe with zero-waste, but it is comfortable, convenient, and compact to carry. If your outdoor trip falls on “that time of the month”, do not fret, there are plenty of ways to stay clean and comfortable during this period (no pun intended). A menstrual cup does not require a trash for disposal after use, only some fresh water and gentle soap to rinse it off. We recommend the Lena Cup for ultimate comfort and protection.

If a menstrual cup is absolutely not an option for you, check out eco-friendly organic feminine sanitary products. If you choose to go this route, make sure you bring a Ziploc bag that can be sealed tightly for disposal of products until you find a suitable garbage.


In order to prevent infections or odors, it is important to clean thoroughly after any bathroom use outdoors. If a shower is not an option (or even if it is), these wipes will give you a clean, refreshing feeling throughout the day. COMBAT WIPES are the perfect wipe for a woman of the outdoors. Not only are they 100% bio-degradable and earth-friendly, but COMBAT WIPES GAIA are specifically designed for females. The gentle pH balancing formula in this wipe ensures the cleanest and safest care for all women.


A lot of people don’t drink enough water while outdoors because bathroom use might not always be convenient, especially for women. Do not make this mistake! Drinking a lot of water flushes out unnecessary toxins and bacteria from your system, reducing the risk of developing a urinary tract infection. Popping a squat to relieve yourself may not sound ideal for some women, but think of it as your body cleansing itself in its’ natural state. It is also important to remember that many times we do not feel thirsty until our body is already dehydrated. So drink, drink, drink to stay healthy, energized, and refreshed. Going on a long hike? Bring a portable water purifier to ensure that you have a fresh supply of water.


Sweat can not only be annoying and make you feel sticky, but it can also attract unwanted visitors like mosquitos. Using a strong, eco-friendly deodorant will not only save you outfit changes by keeping your clothes dry, but it will also prevent odors. We recommend an

all-natural, unscented deodorant for all-day protection.

Staying clean, comfortable, and environmentally conscious are all important factors in enjoying your outdoor adventure. Make sure you are well prepared in the hygiene department you are sure to have a blast!

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