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Happy New Year!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are ending and we are entering into a brand-new year. This season for many people is a time to spend with family, get some much need R and R, and maybe even take a trip during those precious days off from work.

Nowadays, purchasing a flight can really put a dent in your bank account, so why not have an adventure that does not require air travel? Getting out into nature to experience a winter wonderland is a perfect way to spend the start of a new year.

Although you might think that heading to the backcountry during the frosty month of January seems daunting, trust us, it is a worthwhile feat. Wintery terrain is some of the most magical scenery out there, with frosted trees and snowy paths. If you do decide to head outdoors, we challenge you this year to make your trip a little more environmentally friendly.

If you haven’t made your new year’s resolution yet, how about make it one that will not only impact YOU, but also our beautiful planet? Committing to an environmentally conscious lifestyle will result in a cleaner earth that we can continue to enjoy for generations to come. “How?” you might ask.

When embarking on your next outdoor trip, keep in mind the principles of LNT (Leave No Trace). Leave No Trace (LNT) is a national non-profit organization focused on environmental protection that educates people on how to enjoy nature consciously and responsibly. LNT runs on 7 principles of outdoor ethics designed to prevent harmful human impact on the environment. The organization is comprised of volunteers and dedicated members who make it their mission to spread their knowledge of outdoor conservation. The 7 principles of LNT are as follows:

1. Plan ahead and prepare

2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces

3. Dispose of waste properly

4. Leave what you find

5. Minimize campfire impacts

6. Respect wildlife

7. Be considerate of other visitors

The first step to making a lasting and impactful change is AWARENESS. With a new consciousness and attitude to ring in the new year, we can ensure TOGETHER, that we will be able to continue to enjoy nature in the future.

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