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Keep light while bikepacking

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Bikepacking is the perfect blend of all of your favorite outdoor activities: biking, hiking, and camping. Why is bikepacking so unique? Not only does it allow you to cover a wider variety of terrain than regular hiking, but it also takes the weight off your shoulders (literally) by giving you the option to attach your gear directly to your bike.

Bikepacking is popular for adventurists who are interested in exploring rugged terrain that a mountain bike can handle, at a faster pace than they can achieve through walking. This outdoor activity is great exercise and can be made into an unforgettable adventure in nature. There are definitely some important details to keep in mind before embarking on your next bikepacking trip, and we’re here to remind you of them so that you can make the most out of your experience.

First and foremost, the bike that you choose to ride:

Certain bikes are much more suitable for long-haul rides with extra luggage. Mountain bikes are the most popular option, as they can handle extreme terrain and are savvy enough to enter narrow forest trails. A very important thing to keep in mind is that you will want a place to store your bags. Many mountain bikes have attachments that are meant specifically for this purpose, so you can ride without a lot of weight on your body.

Next, the equipment you bring along:

In addition to the standard backpacking gear that you would take on an overnight hike, bikepackers must add additional packs for bike-maintenance tools just in case they run into any technical difficulties. Popular bikepacking gear may include:

· Daypacks

· Water bottle cages

· Handlebar bags

· Bike trailers (used for family trips or extra heavy gear that cannot fit on the bike)

Your clothing:

It’s important to ride comfortably and be prepared for all types of weather. Some useful clothing items to throw in your pack may include:

· Padded bike shorts to make the ride smoother and increase stamina.

· Gloves to protect your hands while riding to prevent blisters and callouses.

· Comfortable bike shoes that are also suitable for walking when you need a rest from cycling.

· Waterproof tarps and rain ponchos to protect you from getting soaked.

· And of course, don’t forget your helmet! Safety first.

Last but not least, your hygiene products:

Getting out on the trail for long rides can be tiring on your body and also lead to some pretty sweaty situations. To feel refreshed on your journey, don’t overlook your hygiene. Some hygiene items to throw in your pack:

· Combat wipes- a 100% biodegradable wet wipe that dissolves into the earth after disposal. You don’t need to worry about wasting water to wash the dirt off your body, and the best part is, they can fit easily into any one of your packs!

· A travel-sized towel to dry off if you get wet or need to freshen up.

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

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