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Keep your hygiene while outdoors

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


How to keep your hygiene while in the outdoors

What’s the fun of being outdoors if you’re not going to get a little dirty? Going on a camping trip or a nice long hike can subject you to a less-than-sparkly clean appearance. While some campsites have access to running water and shower areas, many do not. Lack of bathroom amenities should not stop you from having a great outdoor experience, however, keeping hygiene in mind when you take your next nature trip should be a priority.

What are some steps that you can take to maintain your hygiene in nature?

1. Plenty of hand sanitizer.

Touch is one of the quickest way to spread germs, so make sure you wash your hands as often as possible. If running water is not an option, hand sanitizer gel is a great backup. For after your bathroom breaks or whenever your hands get messy, squirt on some hand sanitizer to kill harmful bacteria.


These eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable wipes virtually eliminate the need for a shower. These wipes are not only refreshing, but completely safe for the environment. They come in four different types, including special wipes for feminine hygiene. For all of your hygiene needs, COMBAT WIPES have the solution.

3. Natural showers with eco-friendly soap.

If you don’t have access to running water, jump in a lake, spring, or river! This will clear off the dirt from your body, and rejuvenate you to continue on. Certain soaps are completely biodegradable and can be used in natural bodies of water. Make sure you research the brand thoroughly to ensure that it is indeed completely safe for the environment.

4. Bring enough changes of clothes.

Packing light is great, but re-wearing the same dirty clothes again and again is not. Having enough clean clothes for the duration of your trip will not only keep you fresh, but comfortable as well. Don’t skip out on the socks and underwear, as these articles are very important and also lightweight.

5. Quick-drying towel.

For when you do have a chance to rinse off, you will want to dry yourself afterward. Quick-drying microfiber towels are extremely compact and useful. You can use them to dry your face, body, or hair after a shower or a swim. They dry within an hour so they are great for on-the-go.

The main goal of your outdoor experience is to have as much fun as possible, but this does not mean you need to neglect your hygiene while doing so. Although keeping clean while traveling might take a bit of extra effort, it will be well worth it in the end.

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