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Outdoor Photography

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Today, the advent of high quality cameras built into handheld telephones allows everybody to be an outdoor photographer! With high resolution cameras accessible on handheld devices, and professional editing programs available in the app store for $1.99, it’s no wonder that Instagram is filled with professional looking outdoor photographs taken by the everyday photographer.

But outdoor photography is actually a very specialized and advanced field that requires professional expertise and high-end equipment (think National Geographic and Planet Earth). In order to achieve professional-quality photos, small nuisances such as lighting, scale, and composition are crucial.

Outdoor photography is a broad term that can encompass photographing scenes of nature, animals, or outdoor activities. Outdoor photographers typically live a nomadic lifestyle where they move around to different scenes to capture the best shot. Professional outdoor photographers may run training workshops, publish their photos in travel books or online, work at sporting events, and enter into contests or competitions.

If you are thinking of pursuing outdoor photography as a hobby or a career, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Scale: the scale of the scene being photographed can be very important and can give the viewer perspective as to how large something is, often adding to the “wow factor”. For example, a photograph of a towering mountain or a roaring waterfall can look spectacular, however, a photograph with a person next to the mountain or waterfall can give the viewer an idea of just how grand these natural wonders are in real life. Seeing the scale of the subject of the photograph allows us to understand depth and proportion of the scene.

Composition: creating an eye-pleasing composition is an art form in itself and an essential skill for an outdoor photographer to have. A simple rules to follow to achieve a successful composition are: pre-imagining a composition before you snap the shot, keeping your compositions simple, subtracting unnecessary elements, and organizing the frame into a 3x3 grid to create an aesthetic proportion.

Subject: finding a subject to photograph in nature is not always easy, as often times landscapes are vast and lack a defined focal point. If you are shooting a wildlife or sport scene, the subject will be clearer. Of course, the natural lighting that is available during the time of your shoot will greatly impact the outcome of your photo taking.

In whatever capacity you are pursuing outdoor photography, be prepared to invest financially in equipment and technology before you start your endeavor. Prices of a high-quality camera can range from the hundreds into the tens of thousands, depending on the performance, lens width, and capabilities. In addition to the camera itself, it is important to take into consideration that you might also need to supplement with different lenses, tripod stands, printing equipment, editing software, and other accessories.

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