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The 5 best bike trails in the US

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

There’s nothing better than the thrill of being on the road in the great outdoors of the United States. Come on, what’s more liberating than cruising on your two-wheeler surrounded by natural beauty with your hair blowing in the breeze? With over 2,000 winding trails that sprawl across each of the fifty states, America is the perfect destination for your next bike trip.

Whether it’s on a dirt or a paved road, in the mountains or along the coast, it seems almost impossible to pick just one breathtaking, scenic route for your next bicycle adventure. Although challenging, we have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite biking trails in America for the most beginner to the most expert bikers to enjoy.

1. Going-to-the-sun-road- Glacier National Park, Montana

Decorated by stunning Rocky Mountain landscape, this 50-mile long road leads to beautiful valleys, flowing waterfalls, and vividly colored flowers. Spring and summer months in Montana are the perfect time to experience the wonders that this lightly-populated state has to offer. Bikers, hikers, and nature lovers gravitate toward this special road, which is the only trail in the United States to cross the Continental Divide.

Going-to-the-sun road, as the name suggests, is glowing with natural beauty. While biking, be on the lookout for wildlife such as mountain goats and bighorn sheep, which have been known to make appearances on this curvy trail. Be sure to go when the weather is warm, as heavy snowfall tends to block the roads, making it impossible to pass.

2. Katy Trail State Park-Missouri

Built on a former railroad and stretching 240m wide, this trail is bursting with rich history and interesting things to see. Cyclists, walkers, and horse riders are all amazed by the natural beauty of Katy Trail State Park, the longest developed trail in the state of Missouri. Challenge yourself on your Missouri adventure by trying to spot all 176 species of birds live in Katy National State Park!

Autumn in Katy Trail State park is a colorful experience as the leaves make a gorgeous transformation from lush green to deep reds and oranges. Katy Trail State Park is well-marked and limited to only foot and bike travelers, making it a safe place for the family to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail- Kinkaid Park, Alaska

One of the most beautiful bike trails in the country, the Tony Knowles trail lines the awe-inspiring Alaskan coast of Anchorage. Named after former Alaskan governor Tony Knowles, this trail is bursting with wildlife and breathtaking views. While on the trail, bikers can catch a glimpse of Mount McKinley, North America’s highest peak while as while they cruise the Alaskan coastline.

Although near the city of Anchorage, Kinkaid Park offers a recluse from bustling city life while remaining in close proximity to the urban action. For a more laid-back experience, pair your next bike trip on Tony Knowles with a brewery tour of Anchorage. You won’t regret it!

4. Flume Trail- Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Situated above the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe, this elevated trail (1600 feet in height), requires a bit of hiking to reach. We can reassure you that the effort is worth it once you reach the trail and experience the outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains. For those who prefer to hitch a ride to the trail, a shuttle service is available to escort you to your desired destination.

Considered a moderately difficult trail with steep terrain, bikers are warned not to embark on this path if they are afraid of heights. Summer through Autumn months are ideal for biking on Flume Trail, as snowy conditions make the trail inaccessible to bikers. The 14-mile, one-way trail passes through Marlette Lake, a shining body of water that adds an extra touch of splendor to this already breathtaking destination.

5. McKenzie River Trail-Bend, Oregon

Lush greenery, flowing waterfalls, and beautiful ferns and mosses that line crystal blue lakes make McKenzie River Trail seem like an enchanted forest. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, this nearly 25-mile trail is mostly downhill, making it accessible for riders of any age. Given the picture-perfect viewpoints that pop up around every corner, it’s no wonder that McKenzie is of the most famous bike trails in North America.

Bikers, walkers and cyclers can all enjoy this majestic trail. Sharp volcanic rock and dried molten lava add to the mystical experience and natural beauty of this action-packed road.

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Happy riding!

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